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Address:Sharisabari, Jamalpur
Phone:09827-56027    01914-102900

Sharisabari Upzila Complex Br.  

Address:Sharisabari U.C., Jamalpur
Phone:09827-56073    01716-375322

Jamuna Fertilizer Factory Br.    

Address:Sharisabari, Jamalpur

Melandah Br.    

Address:Melandah, Jamalpur
Phone:0981-62505-63078 Ext.18

Hazrabari Br.  

Address:Melandah, Jamalpur

Mandargonj Br    

Address:Mandargonj, Jamalpur
Phone:0981-63532-63061 Ext.4

Islampur Br. 

Address:Islampur, Jamalpur

Dewangonj Bazar Br.    

Address:Dewangonj, Jamalpur

Dewangonj Sugar Mill Br.

Address:Dewangonj, Jamalpur

Bakshigonj Br

Address:Bakshigonj, Jamalpur

Shanandabari Bazar Br.    

Address:Dewangonj, Jamalpur

District : Jessore

Alpha Mill Gate br.    

Address:Po:Gangle Badhal, Jessore

Bag Anchra    

Address:Th:Sharsa, Jessore
Phone:88-0421-75502 Ext. 14

Bagherpara br.    

Address:Po & Th:Baghapara, Jessore
Phone:88-0421-71121 Ext.7

Barinagar br.    

Address:Po:Barinagar, Jessore

Basundia br.    

Address:Po:Basundia, Jessore
Phone:88-0421-71128 Ext. 17


Address:Th:Sharsa, Jessore
Phone:88-0421-75255, M-01714-01

Charavita Bazar br.    

Address:Th:Baghapara, Jessore

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